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About Us

About Us

M/s.Visudira Impex (P) Limited was incorporated during the year 2008 with a paid up capital of Rs.25.00 lakhs. The promoters of the firm viz., Mrs.Subashini and Mr.Murugaiyan Sathputhiran had evinced keen interest in the cashew industry due to the fact that their vast knowledge in this particular industry made them to start the business with high voltage of enthusiasm. In fact ever since this company started, it has very impressive performance in the form of turnover which was very evident from the financial statement for the years 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12 submitted to you along with our proposal.

This was possible since we had very strong and experienced management team and as well as the continuous and untiring efforts of all our employees. During the financial year 2012-13, the percentage of Turnover was dropped in view of recession in the global market , the company had played a very safe role in restricting the risk in export and did concentrate in domestic sales. However during this financial year of 2013-14, the firm will certainly reach the target for both export and domestic, since the global market is drastically improving in spite of devaluation for the past few months.

Further we proudly inform that during the current financial year from April 2013 to September 2013 as per provisional Balance Sheet, the company had registered a turnover of 15.04 crores and we are confident that the magic figure of 40.00 crores for the current year as indicated in CMA DATA will be achieved with our planning.

The company Visudira Impex Pvt Ltd, As mentioned in the introduction para, the company was involved in the import of raw cashew nuts to cater the huge demand in the local and as well as global market which had gradually increased every year. In view of this, even small scale processing industries in India benefitted without any hiccup in getting raw cashew nuts.

The company has leased and commissioned factories totalling to an impressive number of 15 spanning from Kerala (Kollam) to Tamilnadu (Marthandam & Panruti) and as also had one modernized packing centre at Kollam for packing of finished goods for both export and domestic sales. Initially the company started processing a minimum of 25 bags per day and at present the processing capacity amounts to 250 bags per day (20000 kgs) of raw cashew nuts and the finished product(Cashew Kernels) The finished product was either sold domestically or globally. The company continues to import raw cashew nuts from West & East African countries and Indonesia to meet for their own processing and trade interest in the Indian market.

At present the company’s human resources strength is about 2500 employees, mostly women employed either directly or indirectly from Indian States. Since this industry does not require much of skilled laborers, 90% of the employees are women who fight for their day to day livilehood. The industry is also creating employment opportunity for the needy people.

Board Of Directors

These is the team behind Visudira Impex (P) Limited


After completing her graduation, she had worked in a multi national agro commodities organization for more than one decade and gained experience which had enticed her to choose a particular specialized industry. Under this circumstances, she had chosen cashew industry where the potential is enormous. Her excellent rapport interlinked with vast experience made her to have good infrastructure to source the raw cashew nuts from East & West Africa, Indonesia and Viet nam for M/s.Visudira Impex (P) Ltd.,

Mr.Murugaiyan Sathputhiran

Possessing unbelievable knowledge in procurement, logistics and men management for the past 48 years had given added silver line for the business. Apart from his extensive exposure in cashew industry, he serves as a main mentor and lends his expertise to the financial and administrative sectors of the company. He is more involved in the decision making process of the company.

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